Hockey Is My Religion

Ruby, 24, US of A. I love a little bit of everything but hockey truly owns my soul. i make no apologies for liking the bruins and the caps. if you don't like it, suck my puck.




During the 2nd intermission of the Columbus Cottonmouths SPHL hockey game on March 15, 2014 a video was shown of goalie Andrew Loewen teaching “The Wobble”. Just before the teams returned to the ice to start the 3rd period Loewen (who was the backup as Shannon Szabados made her pro debut) decided to show off his Wobble skills with the dance team.

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This is a dude who *committed* to that dance, pads and all. 

me if I were a goalie

Gotta love when nostalgia hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. I grew up with this team as a kid. My family had season tickets for years and it was with this team that I grew up loving hockey. I remember it like yesterday. Boom Boom was a captain instead of a coach, Tom Wilson was my favorite bruiser, and Frankie Ouellette was the boss in net. This post just makes me happy for all kind of reasons.

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Praying for Rich Peverley and his family. Hope he will be okay.
He will always be part of the Bruins family. God bless!